1. Janet Jackson
janet jackson wardrobe malfunction
Venue: Super Bowl, 2004

Oops! They did it in public! Janet Jacksons outfit came undone during the half time performance with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl, Feb. 1, 2004. Timberlake ripped off one of her chest plates revealing a silver tassle covering her nipple. They both were performing a duet of their songs Rhythm Nation/Rock Your Body, and when the song reached the final line, I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song, Timberlake pulled off a part of Jackson’s costume, revealing her right breast.

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2. Jennifer Hawkins

jennifer hawkins wardrobe malfunction
Venue: Sydney Fashion Show, 2004

The Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins also suffered ‘wardrobe malfunction’ when the heavy skirt of her Bora dress came off and slipped to the floor while she was walking the ramp at a Sydney Fashion Show in September 2004, revealing a surprisingly un-sexy thong and ass.

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3. Tara Reid
tara reid wardrobe malfunction
Venue: P. Diddys Birthday Party, 2005

Reid, famous for her wild partying ways became more famous in 2005, at P. Diddys 35th birthday party where she stood and posed for the waiting paparazzi, with her dress strap somewhere down near her elbow and one breast completely exposed. And she posed like that for almost 15 seconds and cameras happily snapped away. She kept posing boldly until the lady standing nearby pointed out her predicament.

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4. Sophie Marceau

sophie marceau
Venue: Cannes Film Festival, 2005

Sophie Marceau is a beautiful and classy women but she also had wardrobe malfunction at the premiere of Where the Truth Lies at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival in France. She ran into problem when her green and black dress fell off to reveal her entire left breast. However, she was quick in catching it but still photographers managed to snap pictures!

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5. Toni Braxton
toni braxton
Venue: Opening of Adidas World of Football, 2006

On June 8, 2006, Toni Braxton performed with the group II Divo at the official opening of Adidas World of Football where she made the soccer more interesting. She flashed all her goodies to the entire audience.

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6. Scarlet Johansson

scarlett jaohnson
Venue: At some party, 2007

Here’s blonde bombshell Johansson, almost bursting out of her revealing dress at some event and surprisingly she is not even wearing a bra. Well events details didnt seem that important!

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7. Paris Hilton
paris hilton nipple slip
Venue: Shooting a music video

Hotel heiress Hilton accidentally pulled down her own bathing top while shooting a music video for her song Stars are Blind. She kept lip-synching for the camera that briefly exposed her breast. The funniest thing in this footage is that she is still trying to look sexy while gawkily twisting around on a beach and dousing her body with sand. Gosh! This is so funny!

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8. Yumiko Cheng Hei-Yi




Venue: Tung Wah Charity Show, 2006

A popular Hong Kong singer and actor accidentally lost her pants during an acrobatics on Saturday nights Tung Wah Charity Show. Right after the wardrobe malfunction, Yumiko hurried to the backstage, where she burst into tears. Poor girl!

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9. Britney Spears


Venue: New Years Eve, 2007

Pop tart Spears left people breathless when she gave a full look of her vagina to the world while out on the town with ex-best pal Paris Hilton. This is not it, Spears was once again panty-less on New Years Eve at Pure Nightclub.

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10. Queen Nicola T

Venue: Movie Premiere, 2007

I have no comments about Nicola Ts costume! Catch some startling pics here:



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11. Anna Nicole Smith


Venue: Tennessee’s Grand Ole Opry, 2006

When you are talking about wardrobe malfunction, how could you forget Anna Nicole Smith The busty model (died on 8 February 2007) stunned the crowd at Nashville, Tennessee’s Grand Ole Opry when she flashed her breasts and underpants at the audience.

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12. Katrina Campins

Venue: Fashion Week Miami, 2005

The former ‘Apprentice’ contestant suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the runway show for Tommy Hilfiger’s Resort line at Fashion Week Miami, in 2005. Katrina flashed her enhanced assets to the crowd as they popped out of a striped white and black jacket. Katrina walked the entire runway unaware that her breasts were exposed.

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13. Lindsay Lohan

Venue: Ten Fashion Show, 2006

Teen star Lohan experienced a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at the 5th annual Ten Fashion Show held in Hollywood on Tuesday Feb. 28th, 2006 where she accidentally revealed a little too much of her breast.

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14. Naomi Campbell

Venue: Fashion Rio, 2005

Supermodel Naomi Campbell left Brazilian fashion fans breathless when her sleeveless deep V-neck dress ended up showing off her right nipple. Campbell was in Brazil doing a fashion show at Fashion Rio for the TNG label. After the show, Naomi gave no statement regarding the slip and started beating up her maid. This is so funny!

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15. Jessica Alba


Venue: Us Mag’s Hot Hollywood party, 2006

Gorgeous Jessica Alba also got betrayed by her clothing stuff at Us Mag’s Hot Hollywood party where her dress strap fell down while posing for the photographers.

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16. Beyonce Knowles


Venue: Tokyo Dome, 2007

Knowles recently suffered wardrobe malfunction at a concert in Tokyo Dome on 10 April, where her skirt flew up during the performance.

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17. Katharine McPhee

Venue: American Idol contest, 2006

American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee flashed her underwear to 30 million viewers while singing Whitney Houstons I Have Nothing. Her dress was kind enough to lose some buttons for panty shot when she took a step forward so the millions of viewers could get little more excitement. Hmm! Interesting!

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18. Jessica Simpson

Venue: Running around the town, 2007

The Blonde Ambition stars buxom bosom popped over her low cut black dress while making her way from Element to Parc to Winstons. Simpson hopped out in a cleavage-baring outfit and did have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

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19. Mariah Carrey


Venue: Concert in Germany, 2005

Pop beauty Mariah Carey gave her fans more than they were expecting when her dress fell apart during a concert in Germany revealing her breasts to the audience. Unfortunately, fans only managed a quick glimpse before the organizers cut the lights - plunging the stage into darkness. How funny Carrey was forced to run off stage with her hands holding her clothing in place.

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20. Natalie Portman

Venue: Manhattan Cultural Center’s annual Downtown Dinner, 2007

If you think Natalie Portman to be pretty and perfect and can do no wrong, then here is something notice worthy, Portman showing some side boob! Her nipples are poking their way through her dress that looks like a trash bag.